Buckwheat for weight loss

What are buckwheat groats for healthy life and slim body


Buckwheat known as kasha in Eastern Europe has always been popular in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. But is considered to originate in China about 5,000 to 6,000 years ago. Today, China and Russia are the largest producers of buckwheat. It is a source of protein, fiber, magnesium and antioxidants. What are buckwheat groats? Despite all this, it remains a minor crop in the US.
People of Eastern Europe have discovered the advantages of buckwheat a long time ago. They began to add it to salads, pancakes, bread, soups, cookies. It is almost one of the most popular groats in Japan, they simply adore their Soba Noodles. No wonder that the biggest part of the US buckwheat yield goes to Japan.

What are buckwheat groats for the US

You’ll never guess who is the USA buckwheat trend launcher. In 2010th when nobody here didn’t think of adding this groat to ration, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt started require in restaurants buckwheat. That’s how it appeared at first in the resraurant’s menus and then eco-stores started sell it as a #1 product for those who manage diabetes, allergic to wheat or have problems with cholesterol level and obesity.
Please keep in mind that one of the most common desease all over the world is obesity. People of XXI century need to find superfood to challenge this horrible side-effect of eating disoders.
That is how buckwheat gluten free cereal gained the leading position as a superfood for those who start care about healthy life and slim figure.

Buy buckwheat for your health life

You can add buckwheat to your ration and still enjoy your meal

People who got used to eat junk food often think that to eat something healthy is always unpleasant thing. Stop thinking like that. You will find that this tiny groat can be tasteful and healthy simulteneously. You can buy buckwheat bread, flakes, soba noodles, cookies, pancakes, add it to salads, meatballs, soups. We will share some secret recipes with you and will see that to eat a healthy food much better than you thought. Find more useful information on our Youtube Channel

How to eat buckwheat groats

Important facts about buckwheat


Morning healthy buckwheat recipe

You may know that cereal is a food that containts gluten, suger and fat. It is the first step to unhealthy beginning of your new day. Try our buckwheat recipe and you will get tasty morning breakfast without efforts.


  1. Milk
  2. Buckwheat
  3. Some sugar

Cover buckwheat with boiled water, cook from 5 to 10 minu. Ready-to-eat groats put into the plate and cover with warm milk. You may add some sugar. Your tasty, nourishing breakfast is ready. Enjoy your meal.

Dinner with buckwheat. Bon Appetit

You may cook meatballs, steaks, turkey and add buckwheat as a side dish to it. Healthy, yet yummi.  Serve it with fresh salad. And you will find it amazingly great. Mix tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and greenery. You may also add some cheese into it. Serve with buckwheat and your healthy dinner will make you enjoy your evening.

Don’t wait, start choosing health straight away. Buy buckwheat groats.


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