How to cook rice pilaf with chicken in a cauldron over a fire?

Yana Buckwheat 18.11.2022

How to make rice pilaf quickly and easily at stake? This article will give you a straightforward recipe for pilaf on the fire. You can cook a very healthy and dietary pilaf for your family and friends. It’s elementary. Please read the article to the end and share it on your social network to help us collect more tasty and healthy recipes for you.

Recipe for pilaf with chicken

To cook first-class pilaf, you will need the following:
– 1.1 lb (0.5 kg) of chicken;
– 2 cups of rice;
– Salt;
– Bay leaf;
– Turmeric to taste;
– 0.44 lb (200 gr) carrots finely chopped;
– Black pepper to taste;
– Chili pepper to taste;
– Garlic 0.22 lb (100 grams).

rice pilaf with chicken

So, how to cook rice pilaf in a cast-iron cauldron on fire from these products?

What to add to rice pilaf?

1. Make a fire and put a cast-iron cauldron there.
2. Pour 0.44 lb (200 grams) of olive oil into the cauldron.
3. After the oil boils, add chicken to the cauldron.
4. Cover the cauldron with a lid and wait 10 minutes, then open the lid and add 2 cups of rice and 2 cups of water.
5. Add spices to the cauldron to taste – salt, cumin (Zira), barberry, turmeric, bay leaf, black pepper, and garlic.
6. Cover the cauldron with a lid and wait 30 minutes without disturbing it.
7. Open the lid, mix, and remove the cauldron from the fire.
8. Let the pilaf brew in a cauldron and eat.

You may check how pilaf is cooked in this video:

Information about the meal from Yana Cooking

Rice pilaf is a very ancient dish. Pilaf appeared in Central Asia more than 3 thousand years ago. For the first time, rice pilaf was cooked in the settlements of Göbekli Tepe (now southern Turkey, on the border with Syria).
Why was pilaf cooked in a cauldron and on fire?

how to cook rice pilaf

Ancient people did not have microwaves, slow cookers, or electricity. Food was cooked for a long time to protect itself from infections and germs. Ancient people prepared food in the morning and ate it all day long. In the cauldron, the food remained warm for a very long time, and it was possible to eat warm food even late in the evening.

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