How buckwheat honey is better for your health

How buckwheat honey better than the regular honey? What is buckwheat tea good for


You wanted to know how buckwheat honey is better. Bees produce it after visiting small buckwheat flowers. It has a robust flavor and aroma. Some people consider it specific and can’t get used to it. Well, yes, clover honey has a more popular and traditional flavor. But you cannot compare its benefits with buckwheat honey.

Buckwheat honey gets the dark color thanks to polyphenols, the antioxidants that red wine, tea, dark chocolate contain. It’s valuable properties we can compare only with Manuka honey, the most expensive honey from New Zealand and Australia. Bees produce it from Manuka bushes, and it costs a fortune thanks to its antibacterial properties and high delivery costs. Scientists worldwide have tested both kinds of honey and concluded that buckwheat honey has even greater antioxidant activity. As to antibacterial and healing properties, it doesn’t concede to Manuka’s ones. The only difference between them is the high price for Manuka.


Is buckwheat honey bitter?

How buckwheat honey is better. What are the benefits of the buckwheat honey

It’s a valuable treatment for those who caught respiratory infections or have a sore throat. Honey not only fixes your cough, but it will also strengthen your immune system. Keep in mind never to put it into boiling water, or it becomes poison then;

As to antioxidant levels, buckwheat honey takes it to lead among all the kinds of honey on the market. Even if you compare it to Manuka honey, scientists recommend adding it to the black tea, and this mixture can boost the level of antioxidants and help you sleep well at night if you drink it in the evening. A spoon added to your warm black tea will help you fix your metabolism. Just pay attention to one easy rule: never add honey into the boiled water; it should be warm, as otherwise, it is harmful to your health;

Some people make face masks and use honey to body massage to keep skin smooth. We may add to this that honey helps to heal the wounds and eliminate bacteria;

Please take into account that buckwheat honey, as any other honey, is not allowed to give infants.


What is the buckwheat tea good for and how to brew it

Buckwheat tea is not precisely tea you got used to; it’s a brewed infusion of Tatar black buckwheat. This plant grows in China and differs from the well-known buckwheat lighter and more delicate flavor.

Regular consumption of buckwheat tea will help strengthen your immunity, prevent the development of many diseases, including relapses of chronic pathologies. This delicate and unusual infusion will help to get rid of extra pounds, toxic substances and prolongs the youth and beauty of your skin and hair. We can add here that buckwheat tea is an excellent aphrodisiac that increases libido and positively affects male potency. Let’s find out properly to brew this tea and drink it.

You may brew these tiny grains only three times a day; you may choose to throw them or chew thoroughly.

How to make buckwheat tea? Dosage – 1 teaspoon of buckwheat seeds in 1 glass of hot. Pour the grains with freshly boiled water 900 C, then leave to infuse for 1-3 minutes, after which you should filter the drink. Store the remaining grains in a container under a lid where there is no access to the sun’s rays and use them two more times during one day.

The scheme of using buckwheat infusion: for the first 30 days, drink 3 cups of the drink per day, then take a break for 14 days.

How to lose a weight with the buckwheat tea










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