How to cook buckwheat groats for lunch

What is the healthiest grain to eat? How is buckwheat different from quinoa and barley


Nowadays, we all want to be healthy, so it is evident that we all come to the same question what is the healthiest grain to eat in our daily routine as we need the source of energy, protein, and valuable elements. It’s been a while since we ate refined grains like white rice, white bread, and cereals for breakfast and never even asked if they were harmless to our health. Let’s look at the advantages of whole grains. We want to outline here TOP-3 whole grains that will give your body nutrient density like fiber, protein, B vitamins, magnesium, iron, copper, selenium, etc. We also will answer one crucial question for those who seek the answer to what is the healthiest whole grain.

How to make buckwheat groats porridge

What is the healthiest grain to eat

There are plenty of whole grains that you may embed into your daily consumption: quinoa, amaranth, barley, oat, wild rice, buckwheat, millet, freekeh, chia. We recommend paying attention to three particular whole grains that we pick out the bunch of the most valuable. Criteria of evaluation are the nutritional value, weight loss helper, and price.


  • Why barley is good for us it contains quite an amount of fiber, especially beta-glucan, than any whole grain, is rich in antioxidants, reduces bad cholesterol, and is high in selenium, thiamine, manganese; and low in calories. The barley porridge prescribed if there is a gastrointestinal illness, digestive disorders, overweight;
  • How barley helps in weight loss – if you try barley diet for seven days, you may lose about 5 kg. You need to keep to the following rules: exclude eggs, meat, milk, sweets, alcohol. Start your day with a glass of warm water 30 minutes before a meal. Then you may have for breakfast barley porridge and 150 g of yogurt. You may choose a bowl of barley soup for lunch and feel free to add a barley porridge with vegetables for dinner. If you think you will feel hunger, you’re wrong. You will feel great and full. And one more tip, you may always add the next groats from our list, vary your diet ratio.

How to cook barley – here, you’ve got a simple recipe: take a cup of barley, wash it carefully, add two cups of water, and cook it. Add some butter when the water evaporates, and your porridge will be ready. Bon appetite;

What is the difference between buckwheat and barley


  • What is buckwheat groats – this whole grain is gluten-free. It is more prevalent in Eastern Europe, China, and Japan. But recently, there began a trend on buckwheat in the US. And there is no wonder! These groats are the source of antioxidants that help to protect your body from cancer and heart disease. It helps to improve blood pressure and manage blood glucose. High in selenium, thiamine, manganese, magnesium. Rich in protein.
  • How many calories are in buckwheat groats – what is buckwheat plant. It is easy to utilize, and it is also used for pillow filling, earth covering to protect from erosion, bee colonies support, and feeding animals as it has enormous nutrition values. Yet, it helps to lose weight and improve the digestive tract’s function. You may eat it after barley, just for a change.

The rules are the same: exclude eggs, meat, milk, sweets, alcohol. Start your day with a glass      of warm water 30                 minutes before meal. Then have for breakfast buckwheat kasha and 150 g of yogurt. For lunch, you may choose a                 bowl  of buckwheat soup and feel free to add a buckwheat kasha with vegetables or Soba noodles for dinner. There           are quite plenty of recipes: buckwheat pancakes, buckwheat banana bread, buckwheat pasta, buckwheat cereals, etc. ­

  • How to cook buckwheat recipes – take a cup of groats, wash it carefully, add two cups of water, and cook it. When the water evaporates, add some butter and your kasha is ready. Bon appetite;
  • Why quinoa is good for you – it is a superfood: nutritious, source of complete protein, contains magnesium, folic acid, manganese, phosphorus. It is very high in fiber. However, let’s emphasize that there are two essential amino acids like flavonoids, quercetin, and kaempferol. They have an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-viral effect.
  • Will quinoa make you gain weight – it is popular among athletes, spacemen, vegans. It certainly helps to lose weight, and you may add it to your healthy diet course. Just don’t forget to drink warm water during your diet course.
  • Will quinoa cook in soup – this grain cooks within 15 minutes. It has no particular requirements for cooking, and you may use the same recipe as barley and buckwheat. You may also add it to your vegetable soup with beans, carrots, kale, and celery.

How to make buckwheat groats porridge

Which one is better: buckwheat, quinoa or barley

What is the healthiest grain to eat? This question is hard to answer. We told you about TOP-3 whole grains, and they differ in price and taste. But you may add it to your ration without hesitation. They are worth a million for those who want to live a healthy life and forget obesity.

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