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Buckwheat cereal is gluten free: top-5 unique facts about buckwheat


We say, yes, buckwheat cereal is gluten-free. It is the most popular question about these groats. Read about health benefits that you’ll get, including buckwheat to your ration. If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle and well-being, this product should be among your favorites.

Buckwheat cereal is gluten free, all you want to know about 

Many people who want to switch to proper nutrition and improve their lifestyle seek tasty, simple cooking and easy buy food. It is known that buckwheat is an invaluable source of vitamins and minerals, sharing the high place next to quinoa and chia seed. What are its’ benefits? And why is buckwheat is such a unique food product? Let’s find out.

Despite the word “wheat” in its name, the buckwheat plant is a unique gluten-free food that is related to the rhubarb by its characteristics. It’s a grain that you can steam and eat in place of heavy rice, for example. Buckwheat is more light and easy to digest and has high levels of fiber, also being a source of protein.


Buckwheat seed is gluten free

50 elements of Buckwheat

This superfood is now a natural symbol of healthy food and nutrition; it contains more than 50 essential elements. This cereal is one of the leaders as it contains vegetable protein (more only in legumes), above all, this kind of protein is well absorbed.

If you want to lose some weight and not harm your health, it is always better to eat nourishing healthy food that keeps you in shape and not force you to stay hungry. Buckwheat tastes the best with vegetables. Try it, and you will see:

Buckwheat is superfood for your breakfast


Buckwheat nutrition characteristics

  • It supports your heart;

According to medical studies, heart diseases are shared all over the world. More than 80% of heart diseases can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle, yet it’s still the number one health threat globally.

This tiny groat is #1 in heart-healthy nutrients, including magnesium. Moreover, this kind of food is a good source of quercetin and rutin, which have antioxidant properties.

  • Improves cholesterol balance;

74% of international studies suggest it happens thanks to a protein in the groat that binds with cholesterol, inhibiting its absorption into the blood. Studies indicate that people who eat buckwheat regularly have a lower cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood glucose.

  • It is a source of fiber;

Buckwheat i s rich in fiber, especially insoluble, and a type known as resistant starch, both of which are beneficial for health. Beneficial bacteria that live in the gut use these fibers as a fuel source, helping them increase in number and producing by-products valuable for health. According to the research, fiber allows regular bowel movements and reduces the potential for experiencing symptoms (such as constipation). A diet high in products that contain fiber can protect your health and blood pressure.

  • It is rich for antioxidants;

It has an enviable antioxidant profile, better than many cereal grains, wheat, or oats. As well as containing plant compounds like rutin, it is one of the richest food sources of d-chiro inositol. Rutin strengthens the blood vessels, while quercetin helps to reduce inflammation. If you prefer a healthy lifestyle, buckwheat is a “must-have” in your diet.

P.S. Check labels when you buy buckwheat products

If avoiding gluten is vital for you, make sure you check labels when purchasing buckwheat. Some commercial products such as soba noodles may be made using buckwheat combined with wheat and, therefore, not gluten free products.

Where to buy buckwheat groats near me

Is buckwheat gluten free

Add buckwheat cereal to your diet

By the content of amino acids, buckwheat surpasses all known cereal crops. Like other cereals, it contains about 60% complex carbohydrates. They tend to be absorbed in the intestines for a long time. Therefore, after dinner with porridge, you’ll not experience hunger for a long time. Follow us if you want to know the best recipes to cook this fantastic groat.

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