Buckwheat is a superfood

Is buckwheat a superfood? How is buckwheat different from wheat and oatmeal?


Yes, buckwheat is a superfood, and it’s already evident to athletes, exercise lovers, and simply to all the people who care about what they eat and whether the food is healthy. Let’s find out why buckwheat attracts more and more attention from people worldwide. We collected the most exciting facts about buckwheat:

  • It’s not a grain; it’s a fruit seed! Imagine, it relates to sorrel and rhubarb;
  • People from China, Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Poland have enjoyed this superfood for many centuries. They cook bread, make Soba pasta, soups, cereals, etc. with buckwheat;
  • It contains protein that makes buckwheat more than welcome in the vegan’s ration;
  • It makes an alternative to the wheat as it’s gluten-free;
  • You can eat raw buckwheat. Why bother to cook it if it’s even healthier when raw.

Oatmeal for breakfast

Buckwheat is a superfood. Is buckwheat healthier than whole wheat? 

We can’t say that. Both are similar in nutrition. Suppose you compare whole-wheat bread or pasta to buckwheat bread

and Soba. Whole wheat is also rich in fiber, protein, antioxidants, lysine, amino-acid. But keep in mind that we compare buckwheat with the whole grain. So you may include into your ration both, just for a variety.

Still, buckwheat is gluten-free, whereas whole wheat isn’t. And their taste differs: buckwheat tastes bitter, and wheat has a rich nutty flavor.

Is buckwheat healthier than oatmeal?

People got used to having oatmeal for breakfast with fruits, jam, or milk. You hardly find someone who has oatmeal for dinner. Buckwheat, on the contrary, often replaces rice. It goes as a side dish for lunch or dinner. But we also replace oatmeal for breakfast with buckwheat. You also can make pancakes with oatmeal or buckwheat flour. And yes, buckwheat has a lower glycemic index, richer in proteins and fiber. But oatmeal (68 kcal) has fewer calories per 100 g than buckwheat (343 kcal).

Oatmeals are still the best meal to start the day. It will always be better than a corn-based breakfast meal. Due to complex carbohydrates and low glycemic index, buckwheat doesn’t increase insulin and sugar levels. So it’s popular in bodybuilding as well as weight-loss diets. It is ideal for cooking it with chicken, beef, fish, and fried vegetables like carrot, onion, and salads.

Buckwheat is good for weight loss

Is buckwheat healthier for weight loss?

It is essential to consult your doctor first before starting any diet. There are plenty of diets: mono, keto, vegan, bodybuilding, weight loss, detox (mono), etc. Sometimes it’s hard to choose which one is right for you. Only your doctor can give you the right advice.

We suggest examining the Detox diet with buckwheat as it helps remove toxic substances from your body. People don’t usually use them to lose weight is just an extra effect of the diet. For example, you may lose from eight to 20 lbs during your two-week Detox diet.

While on Detox diet, please drink water, kefir, green, or herb tea. You may soak buckwheat overnight and eat it raw. But it is hard to do it for two weeks. So feel free to boil it with water, steam, or make a soup.


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