how to eat buckwheat for the bunch of friends

Three quick buckwheat recipes to cook for a busy woman or how to eat buckwheat

Yana Buckwheat 03.03.2021

Three quick buckwheat recipes, how to eat buckwheat  

You are a working mom or businesswoman who sometimes hardly finds a moment for a quick bite during the working day or how to eat buckwheat. That is the moment when junk food slowly appears in your life, and it becomes more difficult to stay slim and healthy. Stop right there and find some tips about healthy buckwheat ration and how it is easy to stay slim if you eat buckwheat, among other products, find three quick buckwheat recipes to cook groats for a busy woman.

Quick buckwheat recipe for breakfast 

You may forget about morning cereal. It is unhealthy and doesn’t nourish. We will give you some tips of how buckwheat for breakfast fills your day with healthy and tasty food. In the morning, you may do buckwheat with milk or with butter/olive oil. Please boil some water, put your groats into it. Start cooking from 5 to 10 minutes, and there you will have the nourishing breakfast that will give you energy for the whole day. 

How to cook buckwheat groats

Try to cook buckwheat for your lunch. Best recipe 

It is easy to cook lunch beforehand. You may cover the groats with boiled water and let it stay overnight, or you may cook it in the morning, adding some butter and salt. Try it with vegetables or meatballs. Your lunch will be tasty yet, light and nourishing. And it’s easy to warm it in microwave in the office. 

Best dinner recipe ever. Try buckwheat risotto. Bon appetite

It is easy to be creative with buckwheat. Have some company tonight, a date or want to impress your family? Do not worry. Your dinner still may be light. Grill some turkey or chicken. Make a fresh salad and boil buckwheat, adding butter before serving. You may also add to your cooked buckwheat fried vegetables: onion, carrot, parcley and you will get “buckwheat risotto”. Your company will be impressed with your creativity in making dinner not only healthy but delicious. 

How to serve buckwheat groats

Rules you will have to follow while keeping a buckwheat diet
  • Drink up to 2 liters of water per day. No alcohol. Please note: one cup of coffee or tea per day;
  • Add less salt, sugar, spices, and butter to your dishes;
  • Eat yogurt about 150 g daily; you may add buckwheat or chia into it.
  • It doesn’t mean you should eat only buckwheat. Please, add chia, quinoa, oatmeal. A lot of vegetables and about 150 g of meat (daily for a woman!). Try not to eat after 6, and you will see that we are not talking about diet here. It is more about a healthy lifestyle. 

Should you have extra questions, please watch our Youtube video on how to cook buckwheat. 

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